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Vendesign Manufacturing offers Vendesign Parts for sale for your Vendesign Carousel

If you have one of these Vending Machines from Vendesign Mfg, then having a candy machine business is worry-free because it requires less maintenance, parts are available and it is easy to repair. Most people who have a candy machine business go through several issues with their vending machines every once in a while. Damages and repairs are inevitable due to the open location and different customers who handle them daily.

However, if you are guessing that your vending machines are having problems or need repairs, you can replace any ruined parts with vending machine parts from Vendesign Mfg. Worry no more because these problems will cost less and you will be back in business in no time.

The vending business will not necessarily require you to monitor the status of your machines all the time but you should check out their functionality every once in while to have a continuous sales and profit. A damaged vending machine parts will definitely make turns in the vending business when left unattended.

If you avail your candy machine business from Vendesign mfg, you can basically set yourself free from worries with the vending business because they are capable of supplying any vending machine parts that you need for your candy machine business.  The vending business is way easier with their help.

Whether you have the 4in1 Carousel, used vending machines or new candy vending machines, we have the right parts for your Vendesign carousels directly from Vendesign Mfg. Feel free to look around at the various Vendesign vending machine parts and order whatever it is you need. We wish you much luck with the vending business.

Vendesign Parts List

Floor stand without weight

Floor Stand with Weight


Machine Body

Coinbox w/lock

Coinbox Cover w/lock

Coin Mechanism 25 Cent

Coin Mechanism 50 Cent

Handle for coin mechanism

Chute Cover w/springs


Lid without lock

Lock for lid


Labels – Use Quarters Only


one included w/each 50-cent mech)

Spill Trays (set of 4)

Food tube inserts (complete)

Tray only for food tube insert

Food tube (complete)

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